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Automation and Insights
for Foodservice Dealers

No more manual tasks, spreadsheet, and email chaos. Centerpiece turbocharges your project teams with more time to sell and better insights to beat your competition.

The ways Centerpiece

Can help you

Save Time

Automate manual tasks and eliminate duplicate efforts

Win More

Optimize price, vendor selection and purchasing

Learn More

Understand the key inputs to your team’s performance

Built by Industry Experts

From the Foodservice industry, for the Foodservice Industry

This is for you, if you are a...

Sales or Estimator

  • Identify your project's profitability by vendors, preferred substitutes and any upcoming vendor price increases
  • Keep your managers off your back with automated updates for any project changes (less email chains, phone calls and meetings)
  • Single source of truth – no more filling out hundreds of forms or pipeline reports for various departments
  • Analytics to help you price your bids to beat your competition
  • Understand what is driving your wins and losses to boost long-term performance


  • Know what your team is working on in real-time as projects move from quoting to bid to installation in one centralized view
  • Automated alerts anytime a project is changed – less emails, phone calls and meetings and more selling
  • Efficiently collaborate on projects with a permanent audit trail so that you never forget the details
  • Ensure the right eyes review large projects before they go to bid – asses profitability (including rebates), share preferred vendors and assess the impact of future price increases
  • Identify your struggling estimators, toughest competitors, worst contractor and design relationships to boost your P&L

Vendor Manager or Purchaser

  • Ensure your team understands the profitability of their projects (including all rebates and cash discounts)
  • See all future purchases by vendor to buy in bulk or by item category to shop around
  • Monitor future purchases to get ahead of upcoming price increases and lead-time issues
  • Identify your win rate by vendor to know if you or your buying group is truly getting the best deal


  • Know what your team is working on as projects move from quoting to bid to installation
  • Subscribe to any project so that you are always in the loop
  • Identify your best and worst general contractors, easiest and toughest competitors and monitor pricing trends in real-time 
  • Require large projects to be sent to you for review with all the information you need to make the best decision
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