Improving Relationships with General Contractors

For a typical FE&S dealer, with a win rate of 35%, there is usually significant variance across general contractors.  They aren't winning 35% with all of them. Instead, they have very high win rates with their best contractors and close to 0% with their worst.  Understanding this variance is critical to improving performance. If you've bid on millions of dollars of projects with a contractor at competitive price-points and won nothing, there is opportunity there if you're willing to put in the work to improve that relationship.

In addition to breaking out your bid volume and win rate, it's important to share value engineering and execution success stories.  The best way to make your customers happy is to help them grow their business and make more money.  Collaborating closely with the design consultant to find ways to lower project costs without impacting the quality and aesthetics of the restaurant adds significant value. Connecting your ERP system's transactional data to your quoting data will allow you to show contractors the final projects costs versus budget.

All together, this can help you tell a powerful story.  We are bidding a lot of volume with you at attractive prices and helping you find ways to win more and lower your costs.  If done properly, this will strengthen the relationship increasing the probability that you get the last look.

Underlying all of this is the need to acquire, organize, analyze and present this data.  Without tailored technology, it requires hours and hours of weekly manual work which can cost more than it's worth.

That's why, at Centerpiece, we've built tools to make this easier for FES teams.  Less forms, data entry, emails and spreadsheets.  Have the data you need at your fingertips.

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